Great Travel Destinations in India

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The magical misty trek

Having trekked many a time in groups through various forests, I decide to go for it alone this time — a brief walk in the wild without the help of the forest department. My destination is Adukkam, about 15 km short of Kodaikanal.


The power of flowers

This is a surprise RLT, courtesy the friendly forest guard manning the Varattupallam checkpost. The minute he mentions Thamaraikarai, I am hooked, visualising a riverbank dancing flush with lotus, a peepal tree and the customary twittering of birds. Turns out I am not way off the mark, after all.

Journey into the heart of the jungle

Some wise guy on the Travel and Living Channel said, “It is not the destination, but the journey there that matters.” This RLT was something like that. The destination was “Tiger Farm”, a spot tigers frequented once upon a time. With ridiculously improbable visions of cats roaming, romping and slumbering in the sun, we depart for Thalamalai, somewhere in the Sathyamangalam forests.